Annual Report

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Executive Summary

Aware of the importance of transparency, integrity and business ethics, Isdefe publishes one more year its Annual Report. This document includes Company’s activities and financial results carried out in 2018, reporting the performance of the organisation in the three aspects of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.


“The experience acquired by the organisation over more than 30 years, together with its commitment to excellence and its spirit of innovation, are testament to its ability to tackle the objectives the Ministry and the Administration are setting themselves for the future.”

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Ángel Olivares Ramírez
Secretary of State for Defence
Isdefe´s President


“During this year, Isdefe has continued its consolidation as an in-house technical service provider of the Administration, mainly in domains of activity related to defence and security, as well as others of high added value.”

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Francisco Quereda Rubio
Isdefe´s Chief Executive Officer