• Support with multidisciplinary work teams in the execution of the energy efficiency programmes carried out as part of the National Energy Efficiency Fund and those financed through the national budget to upgrade the energy facilities in buildings.
  • Technical assessment of projects and presentation of a report on the investment of over 150 million euros in the industrial, transport and building sectors.
  • The Government has supported consecutive Plans to Incentivise Efficient Vehicles (PIVE). In December 2016, the process of certifying the grant requests under PIVE-8 finished, with Isdefe’s support in coordinating and certifying public grants. The incentives offered by the PIVE plans to promote the automotive industry, improve efficiency and reduce emissions of the Spanish car fleet were in great demand. Over €1 billion in public money was earmarked for these incentive programmes, which yielded significant industrial, energy, environmental and tax returns.

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