• Isdefe cooperated with SESIAD in 2016 as part of the Digital Agenda for Spain programme and its two main areas of activity: the development of telecommunications and promoting the Information Society.
  • In the area of telecommunications and information technology, Isdefe works closely to plan and manage the radio spectrum and in other activities involving the development of various radio communications services, such as radio broadcast and fixed wireless loop, fixed and fixed satellite service point-to-point links, mobile services and special services.
  • Ongoing collaboration in the transition toward digital television, from creating the specific plan to transition toward DTT and supporting the execution of the Digital Dividend, to coordinating the pilot projects on electromagnetic compatibility between the LTE and DTT services in the 800-MHz band. Isdefe also tracked and oversaw the activities to correct faults in the two services, and the technology migration plan to allocate frequencies following the 2nd Digital Dividend.
  • Assistance in managing and executing the New Infrastructures programme to aid in the deployment of superfast networks and broadband infrastructure, and in sharing the infrastructures of telecommunications operators with the public domain.
  • In the framework of the Information Society, Isdefe assisted in monitoring the actions associated with the Trust Plan in the area of cyber-security and provided support to track the activities with autonomous communities and other entities. Isdefe also took part in creating a reference framework for digital trust professionals and in defining an organisational, responsibility and training framework for organisations involved in digital trust.
  • Isdefe’s support with the oversight, communication and coordination of the Digital Agenda for Spain has consolidated in its collaboration with the SESIAD, resulting in technical support activities for the creation and operation of the Intermediate Body for the ERDF Operational Programme on Smart Growth for the 2014-2020 period: Cooperation in the implementation of project control and monitoring procedures, and support for the Managing Authority, national and European institutions and regional governments with their coordination activities.
  • Support the Office for the Promotion of the Information Society in tracking technical and financial aspects of projects of the Strategic Action for the Economy and the Digital Society and Call for Training programmes. Isdefe also supported the internationalisation activities of technology companies, the direct and inverse institutional missions related to international organisations and the European Union, and the monitoring of the Plan to Internationalise ICT Companies.

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