Support optimising its processes and tools for planning and controlling its financial resources, as well as with strategic planning for its infrastructure.

Assistance integrating and analysing data on managing human resources by means of a balanced scorecard.

Assistance integrating and analysing data pertaining to its logistical functions (supply, maintenance and transport) by using business intelligence tools.

Technical support to the Contracting Body to formulate, process and track contracts.

Support in the areas of financial management and contracting to promote a series of improvement initiatives and projects intended to carry out its tasks as efficiently as possible, as well as to efficiently integrate with the Military Construction Service in the areas indicated.

Isdefe provided services to the Cost Evaluation Group (GEC) to design and optimise the management processes and to further its automation by means of a computerised tool to handle cost evaluation tasks.

Support to the governing body (ODIR) to expand its balanced scorecard, to which economic-financial management has been incorporated and for which the processes involving the strategy, regulation and inspection of the defence industry have been identified.

Assistance devising a method for strategic planning, tracking results and projects.

Support to the OAC to define its management processes and to integrate and analyse data on queries received, through a balanced scorecard.

Digitalisation of SEPIE processes. The mission of digitalisation is to engage in the coordinated management of the activities of the new Erasmus+ programme, including budget management as well as the efficient and transparent handling of European funds.

Entities and organisations to which we provide services