• In the area of satellite navigation systems, Isdefe worked to implement procedures for performance-based navigation (PBN) approaches in Spain, and to analyse the implementation of advanced instrument approach procedures requiring clearance (RNP AR). Isdefe also took part in working groups to define the European regulation for implementing PBN and to define a common European navigation strategy.
  • For the BigData4ATM project of the SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research programme, Isdefe analyses traditional databases with passenger and flight information to see how they could be improved with new geolocated data.
  • For the European Commission’s Coordinating Air Transport Time Efficiency Research (CATER) project, Isdefe analysed how the various European R&D projects on time efficiency covered the improvement needs to achieve the goal of four hours gate to gate by 2050.
  • For the Global ATM Security Management (GAMMA) project Isdefe contributed to standardisation tasks through the EUROCAE working group, collaborating in drafting document ED-205, “Security Certification of ATM Systems Process Specification”, and specifically by writing the Risk Assessment section. Isdefe also conducted a traceability analysis of the validation results versus the specified requirements.

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