Galileo PRS (Public Regulated Service). Isdefe provides assistance to INTA through a management assignment to develop and implement the infrastructure for the secondary PRS channel of the Galileo system as part of the duties of the Spanish CPA (Competent PRS Authority).

GNSS European User Services Centre (GSC), ISDEFE is part of the consortium led by INECO to start up operations and hosting services that will initially support Galileo and that will later include EGNOS and other platforms like GPS and GLONASS.

Spain’s secure network for activities abroad: Support with the operation and maintenance of this network.

Aviation networks. Isdefe developed the CAFSAT satellite communications network for the EUR-SAM Atlantic corridor. In 2016, Isdefe integrated the Luanda (Angola) station into this network.

Framework Contract to Provide Service for ESA Science Missions. In 2016, Isdefe provided planning, operational, data processing and storage and general support services to the ESA’s science missions at its European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC). The Rosetta, Herschel, XMM and Gaia missions are just some of the ones that Isdefe was involved in. Isdefe also takes part in several studies on astrophysics and astronomy.

Activities at the Astrobiology Centre: Technical assistance to maintain technical systems and develop activities in the areas of astrophysics and science outreach.

Satellite tracking of narrow-gauge trains: Maintenance and operational support of the satellite tracking service for narrow-gauge trains that run on ADIF track in areas with poor surface communications.

Entities and organisations to which we provide services