• Isdefe runs and maintains the centre at Robledo de Chavela, used to communicate with spacecraft from NASA and other space agencies that are in deep space. Over 30 missions are supported 24/7.
  • The staff at the Robledo de Chavela station provide technical and administrative support for the construction of two new antennas at the centre. They are expected to go into operation in 2020.
  • Administration and maintenance of the NASA Training and Visitors Center in Robledo de Chavela. Some 25,000 people visited the center in 2016.
  • Isdefe maintains the PARTNeR antenna (Academic Project with the NASA Radiotelescope in Robledo). The PARTNeR antenna is an INTA project to popularise astronomy, with high school and university students using the antenna as a radiotelescope. Around 24 events in 2016.

  • European Space Agency (ESA) station in Cebreros: Provision of Telemetry, Telecommand and Tracking (TTT) services for ESA missions at the centre in Cebreros. This station has a 35-m diameter antenna for deep-space missions, which operates as part of the network that includes the stations in New Norcia (Australia) and Malargüe (Mendoza – Argentina).
  • SMOS Mission Operation and maintenance service for the ground segment and user services for the SMOS (Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity) satellite. The Isdefe team is in charge of handles everything from the maintenance of the tracking antenna to the operation of the satellite data processing equipment.

  • Canaries Space Centre (CEC) in Maspalomas: This center, located in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, is owned by INTA. Through a management assignment from INTA, Isdefe operates and maintains all of the facilities, which serve various national and international space agencies like ESA, EUMETSAT, JAXA, HISPASAT, HISDESAT.
  • INTA Tracking Stations In 2016, Isdefe took part in preparing the INTA tracking stations in Torrejón and Villanueva de la Cañada for operations. These stations, along with Maspalomas, will be charged with tracking the national PAZ and INGENIO missions, as well as missions of the ESA and other space agencies.

Quality and Security activities at the Space Centre in French Guiana: Quality and security services for operations at the European space Centre in French Guiana through the Europe Space Qualité et Securité (ESQS) consortium, of which it is a part.

Entities and organisations to which we provide services