• Implementation of the UME’s Integrated Management System for the Communications Network (SERVCOM). Management and monitoring of the UME network on different communications media, with encrypted and clear networks.
  • Implementation of the Fixed Satellite Anchor Terminal in the UME network (TFUME), including its satellite terminal manager (GSATEL), integrated into the satellite network manager (VIPERSAT) and the modem redundancy system.
  • Implementation of the second BILBAO satellite terminal, remote, very high capacity terminal, mixed modes of operation like anchor and remote terminal, and back-up modes (contingencies) of the UME’s fixed terminal and the SECOMSAT Anchor Terminal in Torrejón (ESATAL).
  • Operational support for the UME network.
  • Operational support for the Integrated Military Emergencies Management System (SIMGE). 
  • Support with development, implementation and improvement of the UME’s Collaborate -Cooperative Workplace portal.
  • Operational support for the National Emergency Network (RENEM).
  • Technical support to integrate external agencies and Spanish regions into RENEM.

Entities and organisations to which we provide services