The CLOSEYE Programme was successfully completed, having proven the viability of using new maritime surveillance technologies that were specified and validated by the end user.

Support for the Ministry of Defence’s Industrial Strategy. The Strategy must allow for the development and enhancement of the defence industrial and technology base, and especially those industrial capabilities regarded as strategic. Isdefe support the main areas of activity in:

  • The implementation of a Smart Industrial Know-how System, a knowledge of the industrial fabric and an evaluation of the industrial capabilities of companies.
  • Strategic guidance of Industrial Cooperation toward Strategic Industrial Capabilities.
  • Support of the internationalisation of the defence industry.
  • Assessment of the results of R&D and cooperation policies.
  • Support of processes to manage industrial security and to control armaments and dual-use materials.

Collaboration in tools to support innovation:

  • Tax exemptions for corporate R&D activities in support of their technical processing.
  • Innovative Public Purchase made with ERDF funds in support of the technical and economic verification of the resulting agreements and initiatives.

The European Defence Agency, in response to the evolving European context, is acquiring a technology management capacity in order to have its own standard for prioritising new R&D activities and programmes, which will comprise the first phase in the development of European military capabilities. In this regard, Isdefe works with the EDA to:

  • Develop and implement its Tech Watch system.
  • Develop the technology prioritisation methodology (OSRA).

Entities and organisations to which we provide services