Since late 2015, Isdefe has been working jointly with NASA, JPL and INTA to construct two new antennas at the Deep Space Complex (MDSCC) in Robledo de Chavela. Excavation and demolition began in 2016 to prepare the ground where the antennas will be located. Significant progress was also made with the draft of the technical specifications and assistance was given with tendering the various main parts of this project.

  • The National Dosimetry Centre in Valencia, part of INGESA, is located on the grounds of the old Hospital de la Fe in Valencia. INGESA signed an agreement with the University of Valencia have it transfer some land in the Paterna Technology Park for the construction of a new building for the National Dosimetry Centre in Valencia. Isdefe did the work of preparing a functional plan and a draft project for the new location of the centre.
  • Drafted implementation project to complete the construction work on the new hospital in Melilla. Construction on this hospital began in 2019 but due to various reasons, the project stalled, with significant problems due to faulty construction and the building’s subsequent disrepair. Work is scheduled to restart on this new project in the last quarter of 2017.

  • On the work construction, supervision and safety and health project to renovate the facilities of the Farhana border post, in the autonomous city of Melilla, work was begun on remodelling the border crossing, a project that was prepared by Isdefe. This is a unique project since it is undertaken in phases so that the border crossing can remain open and operational.
  • As part of the Management Assignment involving drafting the project and supervising construction and coordinating health and safety at the project to build a security barrier at the mouth of the Guadarranque River in Cadiz, the work on the security barrier was completed. This was a project that had been demanded by the government due to the social concern caused by drug traffickers in the Bay of Algeciras. The project was carried out by TRAGSA, and involved collaboration between in-house resources of the government in the area of security.

  • “Study of Multinational Capability in Deployable Field Camps (DFC) for CSDP Operations” Project.
  • In September 2016, the European Defence Agency awarded a contract to Isdefe to carry out a study on existing multi-national capabilities for deployable camps at civilian and military missions of the EU. The work is expected to be delivered by the end of 2017.

  • Project to repair the Almageca dock in Cartagena.
  • Officers’ Quarters project at the Las Palmas Arsenal.
  • Water network project at the Rota Naval Base.

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