• Of note in 2016 was the start of the use of data mining models to improve the efficiency of the Army’s supply chain. A model was also implemented to estimate SALE needs for six years that integrates supply, maintenance and transport requirements.
  • In the area of Logistical Management Systems knowledge, support to the main systems of the three armed forces. Of note is the start of a project to streamline the Army’s logistical system, the goal of which is to provide an integrated approach for the various applications that comprise it.

In the area of NATO Cataloguing, in addition to the usual support with processing transactions for the secondary echelons of the Army and Air Force, Isdefe started to provide consulting services to the new secondary echelon set up at the Military Emergencies Unit. Developed a new interface for the Defence Cataloguing System (SICAD) based on web services that allows it to connect to any logistical system, including a specific feature for integrating it with SAP, placing it as the world’s leading NATO Cataloguing tool.

Data cleansing project in the area of item cataloguing, as well as teaching of several training courses on logistics management.

Conducted a study for the EDA intended to propose a network of logistical multimodal European hubs for the purposes of increasing the efficiency of European operations. The study included defining a list of hubs that could potentially be part of the European logistical network for the deployment, withdrawal and support of operations by European countries.

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