• Support for the various departments of the JCISFAS in planning and defining the requirements for these services and on topics pertaining to Spain’s involvement in NATO.
  • Participation in defining and implementing the new network and system infrastructure at the Retamares Base, and in transferring the Operations Command and the Armed Forces Intelligence Centre.
  • Support to the Tactical Data Link Management Centre in the areas of technology and evolution of data links and network management.
  • Aid in defining and updating the knowledge and cooperative work management systems, adapted to the specific requirements of the Armed Forces Intelligence Centre (CIFAS).

  • ·Consulting on aspects to transform the systems architecture and technology of the Integrated Information Infrastructure for Defence (I3D) for the Centre for Information and Communications Systems and Technologies (CESTIC).
  • Engineering and management support to the Military Command and Control (SMCM) Programme Office, which consists of the information system (SIM), the telecommunications system (STM) and the satellite communications system (SECOMSAT) on which the joint Armed Forces Command and Control relies.
  • Collaboration in strategic planning and guideline and plan development aspects.

Isdefe was awarded a new NATO contract through an international tender process to continue providing the NCIA with programme management services to implement information and communication systems for the Alliance at its facilities in The Hague, Brussels and Mons.

This project has managed to consolidate a modern programme management model that relies heavily on information tools and repositories that the NCIA plans to expand to all equivalent management activities within its organisation.

  • Support in the processes to design, implement, test and certify the main and secondary nodes of the Army, NS WAN and SIS C2 secure networks. Technical assistance to install communications networks and systems in Spain and in operational areas (M. Cervantes Base, Lebanon) and to develop C2 system architectures as per the NAF (NATO Architecture Framework) methodology.
  • Support to the Spanish delegation to the Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP), moderating the working group that is defining the future evolution of MIP products and thus interoperability among allied nations..

  • Support implementing the ACCS system at ARS Torrejón during the integration and testing phase, as well as start of the project to implement the CAOC TJ at the Torrejón Air Base under NATO financing.
  • Support in the development and monitoring of the procurement programme for a Lanza Deployable Tactical Radar, supplied by the company INDRA, during the testing and acceptance phases.

  • Support in preparing specifications and requirements and in the technical negotiations for the new BMS small-unit command and control system for the Army.
  • Technical analyses of studies to modernise air-defence artillery systems (COAAAS, NASAMS and Patriot).

Conduct of various studies to determine the viability of updating the command, control and communications systems for NATO-AWACS as part of the contract awarded by NAPMA, along with IABG and NATO.

Entities and organisations to which we provide services