To suppliers

Isdefe’s contracts are governed by the Law on Public Sector Contracts and rigorously adhere to the principles of disclosure, competition, transparency, equality, non-discrimination and confidentiality.

In the contracting section of the Public Sector Contracting Platform website, and on the Isdefe website, in compliance with Article 2 of Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011 of 14 November, and in an effort to ensure transparency and the public’s access to information on its contractual activity, Isdefe publishes all tender announcements for contracts in excess of €18,000, as well as the applicable regulations and procedures:

As a public company, Isdefe imposes the same capacity and solvency requirements on its contractors as the Administration does, and applies the same standards concerning restrictions and conflicts of interest. This is all regulated by Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011.

Purchases, contract and subcontracts processed in 2016

Services €14.428.567
Supplies €1.293.659
Construction €0
Total €15.722.226

Entities and organisations to which we provide services