Global Compact

Since 2009, Isdefe has expressed its voluntary commitment to social responsibility through its adoption of the United Nations Global Compact and its involvement as a member of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact.

The Global Compact is an international initiative that promotes an ethical commitment among companies to ensure their strategy and their daily operations comply with the ten basic principles of conduct and action in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Social investment

Isdefe has a Social Action Programme that lays out the social initiatives carried out every year in concert with foundations, charities and NGOs. These initiatives are implemented through charity campaigns, corporate volunteering days and donations.

Promoting excellence and knowledge

Isdefe entered into educational partnership agreements with every university in the Horizons Network that allow students to intern at the company and that provide support through grants or specialised training programmes. These types of agreements, which encourage university-corporate cooperation, were also made with the University of Oviedo and with the Instituto Universitario Gutiérrez Mellado.

Entities and organisations to which we provide services