Isdefe boasts a very qualified team of professionals that is highly trained and committed to both the organisation and its clients.





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Employees with a university degree



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 Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity, Work-Life Balance and Diversity

Isdefe promotes the professional and personal development of all its employees, guaranteeing equal opportunity. The organisation has an explicit equality policy, backed by an Opportunity Equality Plan that was signed by Management and employee representatives.

Isdefe also supports and is committed to taking actions to promote greater equality in opportunities and to encourage a corporate culture that is based on merit.



Culminating in 2016 was the 2014-2017 Training Plan, which is aligned with the Strategic Plan to contribute to developing the sectors and areas of priority defined within it. The training activity focused on technical training, combining the increased professional qualifications of the human resources with Isdefe’s improved positioning.

  • 107.719 training hours
  • € 1.039.818,68 invested in training
  • 1.540 employees received training

Entities and organisations to which we provide services